How To Remove A Central Heating Radiator

Get the best kerosene heater to keep warm this winter. Check out what these energy-efficient heaters can offer indoors or out …

We can all agree to go carbon-neutral, but how easy is it? A Network editor describes his battle to abandon fossil fuels.

The UK’s ban on gas boilers could be pushed back to 2040 due to backlash over the soaring cost of ‘net zero’ on households …

Poor insulation and Gas central heating systems are commonly to blame for heat loss in homes, according to the National Housing Federation, which represents social landlords in England.

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While Dave started removing all the big steel hatches and metalwork … For hot water, we put a 9.2kW Webasto diesel heater …

Three million UK households will be using low-carbon hydrogen to power their homes as of 2030, according to a new Government report.

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