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So should you need company who offer Plumbing services in Glasgow  then call us on 0141 473 6863  We provide domestic and commercial plumbing & mechanical services throughout the entire Greater Glasgow area.

We install, service, repair and design, all work and labour is guaranteed.

I’m looking to give you as a customer the best value and service, price match guaranteed.

5 star 1st choice plumbers

Gas Works at Plumber Glasgow –  

Not many plumbing and heating services in Glasgow are actually Gas Safe engineers also. In fact some plumbers claim to be rgi registered! Well rgi registration doesn’t exist

anymore! It has been superceded by Gas Safe and you should always be looking for the Gas Safe Logo as shown here. Gas Safe vers boiler and central heating work, landlord certificates required

Gas safe

annually to make sure the premises is ‘Gas Safe’ – and basically means that everything to do with gas is vered by a regulated company. Not all plumbing Glasgow companies are Gas Safe so unless you’ve seen their certificates – keep them away from your GAS PIPES!

Poo It Stinks!! Thanks Plumber Glasgow –  

drainage issues in Glasgow

There is nothing worse than the unfortunate smell of drains or poo in your house or business. And then you have that immediate panic of whether it’s a passing smell or a static smell that requires immediate action. A lot of the time, these things pass, but sometimes i can be more sinister and the smell ming from the toilet or bathroom, or shower is something that needs dealing with ASAP. The first port of call is probably the husband/wife/mother/father. After that – it’s a simple case of picking up the phone and either Googling ‘Plumbing and heating Glasgow‘ or opening the famous Yellow Pages and scrolling through to the ‘plumbing’ section and hopefully having the local directory for Glasgow.

So if you have this unfortunate situation to deal with, a nasty smell or something that won’t go away (much LOL) then call  me here at a Glasgow plumbing company–  and i’ll me and sort that  issue right out!

Shower Replacement -Plumber Glasgow –  

plumber Glasgow kid singing shower

The average shower I would say last about 10 years, and we’re now in an age where we tend to replace rather than fix. It’s not really worth replacing broken parts in showers, because the st of a brand new shower is so very reasonable. So if you’re thinking of calling a plumbing service in Glasgow because you’re shower has started running ld,or the opposite and scalding you…as you try to enjoy your morning routine then call Plumber Glasgow –   for a free no obligation quote.

Boiler Installation – Plumbing in Glasgow –  

boiler baxi plumbers Glasgow

So winter is on it’s way, the promised Indian summer has flown by, and we’re already in a situation where we’re turning the central heating on when we get through the front door! The worst case we can end up in, is we try and fire the boiler and get absolutely nothing back. Uh oh- a broken boiler. Again – we’re in this throw away age, where you have to make the call. Is it worth replacing the broken parts in the boiler- or do you just replace it and take a new boiler with a 10 year warranty? I guess these are the questions you can ask Plumbing company in Glasgow –  , We’ll give you honest and upfront free advice. Call Plumbing company in Glasgow – today.

Extra Radiators? Replacement Radiators – Plumber Glasgow –  

radiator plumber Glasgow

Those lazy summer evenings have finally left 2018 – and now we’re faced with the need for a sun lounge of an evening – or like me, a sy conservatory to have dinner in. Unfortunately the central heating didn’t extend to the conservatory so it was permanently ld. Thankfully being a plumbers in Glasgow I was able to fit my own radiator. But a simple pper pipe nnection from the last radiator in the house has meant I now have a double nvection radiator in the nservatory, and the prospect of a warm xmas dinner in the nservatory this year. On this occasion I can only thank myself for the Plumber Glasgow –   free job!

Here at Plumber Glasgow –  , we can replace your heating and radiators, install new ones or add to the existing system. Just give us a call 1st on .

Burst Pipes Help Me “Plumber Glasgow –  ”

burst pipe plumbers Glasgow

It’s starting to head rapidly towards the winter months. lder, darker mornings…and the heating being required to allow our feet to touch the floor as we get out of our warm sy bed! So have you been “that” person yet? Have you tried your central heating system this autumn yet? For the majority of people across Greater Glasgow, the boiler fires up first time, the radiators crackle and clunk into life – and you experience that warm smell that we all love.

For a few unsuspecting people, the boiler does it’s thing, there is a sudden hissing and spraying noise and a rush somewhere in your house of warm or worst still BOILING water. A leak, you’ve sprung a leak. The send thing you do? After the obligatory swearing and hopping around looking for towels? You whip out your phone and hastily type in “emergency plumbing Glasgow”.

Look no further – here at Plumbers Glasgow –  , we can be with you within 20 minutes – and get your problem sorted asap! Call Us!!

Spruce Up Your Dunny – Plumbing Glasgow –

Bathroom fitting throughout Glasgow

So the time for renovations has possibly halted as we’re all on the run down to xmas! At the time of writing this I think we have 13 weeks until the fat man falls down the chimney pot! But for a select few over the last couple of weeks I’ve had call after call to the Plumbing services Glasgow –  hotline asking for current bathrooms to be ripped and replaced with sparkling new ones. That’s what we do here, we can remove your old bathroom suite and replace it with a beautiful new one.Just in time for the festivities of christmas, and the in-laws and out-laws popping round for their xmas fill. So don’t delay, i’m the cheapest plumbing services in Glasgow, all my work is guaranteed and I can have your spanking new suite installed before December. Also offering a 10% discount on my labour for people that quote the following “cheapest plumbing service in Glasgow please”.

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